Our Approach.

Our approach helps business leaders get the most from their Data & Analytics projects.

We meet our clients where they are by:

  1. aligning with their business model, strategy, objectives and constraints
  2. considering their current Data & Analytics capabilities
While staying true to these two items, we help our clients execute on right-sized Data & Analytics solutions that deliver results.

Business Process Discovery.

At the start of a project, Adapt Analytics will go through an in-depth business process discovery with subject matter experts. Prior to development, Adapt Analytics will ensure that it understands how the business works so that the impacts from the solution are known.

Data Discovery.

An initial understanding of data sources along with secure and efficient access are critical to Data & Analytics projects. During this phase, Adapt Analytics will work with subject matter experts to understand the required data sources. In addition, Adapt Analytics will engage technology staff to ensure that data are managed properly throughout the project.

Analytics Discovery.

Adapt Analytics strives to offer right-sized Data & Analytics solutions to its clients. During Analytics Discovery, Adapt Analytics will experiment with a short list of state-of-the-art approaches and collaborate with the client to determine the most effective approach.

Iterative Model Development.

Based on the approach defined in the Analytics Discovery, Adapt Analytics will iteratively develop and tune the model. During this phase, Adapt Analytics will collaborate with two distinct audiences. Adapt Analytics will work with business stakeholders to ensure that the model is tuned to meet the their objectives. In parallel, Adapt Analytics will work with technology staff to ensure efficient deployment, operations and maintenance of the model.


Deployment and ultimately decision-making supported by the model are critical to a successful Data & Analytics project. Business stakeholders must understand the model, how it works, and the impacts it can have. During this phase, Adapt Analytics will train business users to work with the model while formally transitioning the solution to technology staff.