Our Approach.

An analytics solution is only as good as the process that was used to create it. Utilizing an approach that is transparent, methodical and business driven yields a predictable result that is aligned with the needs of the business.

Business Process Discovery.

At the start of every project, Adapt Analytics will go through an in depth business process discovery process with subject matter experts. Prior to development Adapt Analytics will ensure that it understands how the business works and the different impacts that the analytics project will have on the operations.

Data Discovery.

Secure and efficient access to data is critical to any Analytic project. During this phase Adapt Analytics will work with your Technology staff to ensure that data are managed effectively throughout the project.

Analytic Discovery.

Adapt Analytics strives to offer contemporary solutions to its clients. During Analytic Discovery, Adapt Analytics will look to academia and industry for current best practice approaches. Adapt Analytics will rapidly experiment with these leading approaches to drive towards an optimal solution.

Iterative Model Development.

Based on the approach defined in the Analytic Discovery, Adapt Analytics will iteratively develop and tune the model. During this phase Adapt Analytics will cater its software engineering to two distinct audiences to best facilitate deployment. Keeping the business needs first, Adapt Analytics will ensure that model is tuned to best impact the company's KPI's. In parallel, Adapt Analytics will work with the Technology team to ensure efficient maintenance of the model.


Deployment is critical to a successful analytics project. Stakeholders throughout the business must fully understand the model/process, how it works, and the impact of it will have on the organization. This phase will train business users on working with the model while transitioning the code to the Technology team.